BP Autran Syn 295 is a fully synthetic universal shift and automatic transmission fluid designed to increase efficiency through extended drain intervals. BP Autran Syn 295 is formulated to maintain its stability even under the most severe operating conditions.

BP Autran Syn 295 can be used in a variety of applications including:

  • Inter/intra-city buses, school buses
  • Delivery trucks and vans
  • Refuse fleets
  • Emergency vehicles
  • Light duty pickup trucks and passenger cars (where DEXRON®-III is approved) Recreational vehicles/motor homes
  • On/Off-highway vehicles
  • Superior high/low temperature performance due to high VI synthetic base fluids
  • Excellent shear stability provides a stable viscosity, providing wear protection throughout the drain interval
  • Excellent corrosion and foaming resistance
  • Allows for extended drain intervals and extended filter change intervals reducing operating costs
  • Compatible with most other automotive transmission fluids and seals
  • Offers flexibility of one fluid for year-round use in all geographic locations
  • Provides durable and consistent transmission shifts
  • Provides excellent thermal and oxidation stability resulting in lower deposit formation

Product Data Sheet

Material Safety Data Sheet