Castrol EP Gear Lubricants are exceptional quality gear oils that are designed for severe duty applications that offer excellent gear protection and the possibility of extended drain intervals with periodic checks by Castrol’s Oil Analysis Program.

Castrol EP Gear Lubricants are formulated with selected base oils that are coupled with an extremely stable sulfur/phosphorous additive package that make them the ideal choice where AGMA EP type gear oils are recommended.

Castrol EP Gear Lubricant delivers:

  • Excellent thermal and oxidation stability providing minimal viscosity increase and a stable Sulfur/phosphorus package at high temperatures.
  • Superior demulsibility separating water readily where water contamination is present.
  • Good corrosion, rust and antifoam protection reducing catalytic effects of corrosion and wear on various system metals.
  • Castrol EP Gear Lubricants provides longer equipment life, efficient gear operation, reduced maintenance.

Product Data Sheet

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